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Newfoundland Club of America Draft Tests

The Newfoundland Club of America Draft Tests are a series of exercises designed to develop and demonstrate the abilities of purebred Newfoundland dogs in a working situation. The Newfoundland has historically functioned as a working companion to his owner. Performance of these exercises is intended as a demonstration of skills developed through both natural ability and training rather than a competition between dogs or handlers. The emphasis in the Draft Tests is on teamwork between dog and handler in realistic work situations. Efficiency in accomplishment of tasks is essential, however, it is also desirable that the dog evidence willingness and enjoyment of its work in a combination of controlled teamwork and natural independence.

The Draft Test is composed of six exercises. Each exercise is passed or failed and there is no point system. All exercises must be passed to earn the Draft Dog (DD) title. A team of dogs who have each earned a DD title may enter the Team Division. The team, sharing a single cart, works under one handler as a single dog through all of the exercises, including Basic Control. If the team succeeds, each dog earns the title of Team Draft Dog (TDD).