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The Newfoundland is a sweet-dispositioned dog that acts neither dull nor ill-tempered. He is a devoted companion.
Happy Tails

Jack , formerly Thoreau, has found his forever home with Wendy, Nathan and canine Great Pyr Annie.

11 mth old Stormy (formerly DOC) entered foster care a short time ago with numerous behavior issues due to lack of training. Since being in foster care he has done such a tremendous turn around responding well to training that his foster home has decided to become Stormy’s forever home! Way to go Stormy.

Rocky has found his forever home in Maine, with Kyle and Lily!

Rudy and Carlos, our 2 BFF's have found their forever home. They are living the good life with Peggy and John in New Hampshire!

Samson is sharing his days (and Ice cream?) with one of his favorite forever family members, Madison.

Countess Coco with her forever family Lily, Layla, and Tony, and photographer Helen!

Charlie has gone to live with his new forever family. We will miss you Charlie!

Mocha with her Newfound family, including her new Newf brother Cornelius. Mocha enjoys swimming on her new lake!

Buzz and his brother. Buzz swimming with a canine friend.

Litter mates Bear and Molly have found their forever home with three human brothers to keep them busy in New Hampshire!

Mo (formerly Beuregard) was recently reunited with his sister Bella. Both are very happy to see each other! Mo has found his forever home with Carol and John in western CT.

Regulus Arcturus Black, aka Bear, has found his forever home with Mary and Siri on the coast of Maine.

11 yr old Bella Donna was adopted by Laurie and is living with her new pack in VT. Bella's getting a hug form Laurie's grandson Jordan, while Oreo and Lucky look on!

Euclid has found her forever home with Jim, Debra, and Loki on a farm in NH!

Clarity has joined Daisy, Hannah, and Peanut in Maine. Jim and Rebeccah are incredible providing a forever home to three special needs Newfs!

Gracie recently found her forever home with Palmira in April. Gracie recently passed the therapeutic dog screening held by the Pets and People Foundation. Gracie and Palmira look forward to beginning their visits at the local nursing homes. You go girls!

Brynn is pictured with her forever family. Brynn was fostered and her placement was handled by That Newfoundland Place on behalf of NCNE Rescue.

Pretty has found her forever family in Newport, RI with the Horne's and Dunkin! Pretty recovered nicely from her eye surgery but will need to follow up visits with the eye doctor, also located in RI.

Our Active boy Sammie has gone to live in the country with Nancy and Bill.

Koda and his forever home family!

Beau came into rescue due to family hardship. He was well cared for and loved. Now those good times will continue with his new family in Connecticut who gave extraordinary love to their last rescue, Lilly. Spoiled rotten is the next step in his life!

Midnight came to us with his collar embedded in his neck. The resulting infection took some time to heal. Despite this neglect, Midnight is a sweet boy who now has a great home with loving people and a Goldie pal!

Bailey has moved to the coast of Maine, the perfect place for a dog who loves to swim. Besides having a fabulous new family, he now has a St. Bernard "sister" to share the fun.

Heather has been waiting several months for the snow and ice to melt in New Hampshire. She could not be happier in her new home! Notice the matching smiles?!!

Gus is a gray puppy who is only 10 months old. His former owners didn't have time for him, but he's receiving lots of attention from his wonderful new family in Connecticut.

Blackjack now has a wonderful home in New Hampshire where he sleeps on the bed, swims in the pond and enjoys the attention of visitors to the farm. Besides being handsome, Blackjack is "a comic and very funny"!

Porter's family has had rescues from us over many years, including Sophie who is pictured here with them. This very fortunate boy is happily living in Connecticut!

Barry had little attention growing up but all that has changed now. He has a wonderful new family in Vermont who is loving, and helping to build his confidence and give him a great life!

Babe has a new name, Bella, and a terrific new family. This sweet one year old wasn't given much attention and is thrilled to have all this love, kids to play with, and a pool to swim in Connecticut.

Kai is the Japanese word for "ocean" and the new name for this handsome young male. He has a loving home in Maine with a wonderful family who patiently waited to adopt their first Newf and are now enjoying every minute of his company.

Maple came into Rescue after being dumped in a pound. Today this sweet 6 year old has a terrific life in Rhode Island with a loving family and Newf "brother". In this photo, Elwood is encouraging Maple on her first swim in the ocean.

Chloe spent considerable time in an animal shelter before coming to Rescue. Yet 6 year old Chloe is described by her New Hampshire family as "the world's sweetest dog" and "perfect". Although her family had many dogs over the years, they "have never seen so much love packed into one animal". Cheers for your wonderful Newfoundland temperament, Chloe!

Clyde has a wonderful new family in Massachusetts!

Tessie has a great family who keeps her actively learning. Who would know from this serious photo that she enjoys modelling hats?

Murphy has joined a family in Connecticut that has a Noah's Ark of rescued animals. His happy personality has earned him a special place in their hearts and on their bed!

Nelson has chosen his forever home with Maureen, Jim, and human siblings Caitlyn and Evan, Good choice!

Sweet Charlie has officially chosen her forever family and is now living in New Hampshire with Tony, Melissa, Alex, and Jack.

Bear with his new forever family!

Tucker with his forever family!

Tara at her new forever home in Massachusetts.

Little Sebastian AKA Napoleon has found his forever home in Western, MA with his new Mom, Terry, and new brother, Sullivan!

Monty is very happy and healthy in his forever home on the Cape with Michael and David.

Bear, formerly Buster Brown, has found his forever home in Western Massachusetts!

Miss Clarissa has found her forever home with her loving family Dorothy, Roger, Bradley, and Jessica in Lebanon, NH.

Zuke and Charlie, 4 yr old brothers, have found their forever home with Amy and Bob in Hollis, NH. Amy and Bob were the foster family for Zuke and Charlie.

Fergie, now known as Dixie, has found her forever home in RI with Mike, Karen, Shane, Jesse, and Kasey!

Mary is flourishing in Valorie's home with her new family mate Jove and eating home cooked food! Loving it!

Oskar, aka Buddy, has found his forever home with Kathy and John in up state NH. Rumor has it Oskar even attends town events!

Thor, aka Onyx, has found his forever home in New Hampshire! Here he is with family member Michael. He is a very happy boy!

Lady Liberty has found her forever home with Catherine and Kenn.

Ramsey has found his forever home with Bert on a private island off the coast of Cape Cod. Ramsey enjoys the island life which includes pleasurable time swimming!

Bailey's forever home!

Lili is only 18 months old but had to find a new home because of life changes in the house. She's a bit unsure at the moment, but her terrific new family in Massachusetts will provide all the love and security she needs to blossom. She even has some cat buddies!

Keeley lost her wonderful home due to the current economy. It was a very sad time! We found that Keeley loves to swim, so she now is part of a great Massachusetts family with loving adults, kids, a Goldie friend, and nearby swimming. Life is grand again!

A long happy tail because Sasha is 9 years young! Adopted from Rescue in 1999 when she was 9 months old Sasha earned her Canine Good Citizen Award and Delta Society certification at less than 2 years of age. A member of her family writes: "She has lent her broad shoulder for tears of joy and sadness over the years to young and old alike. She has taught our grandchildren how to share toys and how to gain their balance using her long fur as a handle. Thank you, NCNE, for allowing Sasha to own us."

Ceili, formerly Ellie, was called an "unmanageable" puppy when she came to us. Actually, she was neglected and untrained. Now she has a lovely Irish name and a wonderful family in Connecticut. The young men and Dad enjoy her energy and warmth and Ceili has a very special bond with Mom.

Diego is still a puppy at 10 months old. He's all set for adventures with this young couple from Connecticut who are excited about raising their first Newfoundland.

Tommy could not be happier! He is a big boy who loves children and now has four of them to call his own! He lives in Massachusetts with his fabulous new family.

Wrigley has a terrific new home in Maine with a family who already loves her dearly.

Brigand has a terrific new family in Connecticut. He loves "his" children and is especially adept at being a self-appointed lifeguard

Mack came into rescue in very poor condition due to the ignorance and neglect of his previous owners. With proper veterinary care and good nutrition he began to thrive in a short period of time. Mack's wonderful personality came through all of this and within 6 weeks he was ready to join his loving new family in Massachusetts.

Kodiak came into rescue as an out of control puppy who no one bothered to train. His foster person devoted months to teaching him manners. For his first birthday he was placed with a loving family in Rhode Island. They tell us that Kodiak is sweet, affectionate and very active. While he has "kisses for Mom" and is "very much a Daddy's boy", Kodiak loves belly rubs, squeak toys, rides in the car, and playing with his friend, Otto, a German Shepherd. "Every day is brighter because he is here".

Owen is happily participating in a wide variety of working dog events and in this photo is learning tracking. He lives in the Berkshires with Tessie.

Ted is pictured here with his favorite toy and Hope, a rescued Bouvier, who is his best friend in his new family. Ted never had toys during the first years of his life and little companionship from people. His wonderful family in New Hampshire is seeing to it that he has lots of love and toys now.

Tug was found sick and abandoned in Rhode Island on a bitter January day. He has survived two life-threatening illnesses. Tug has a loving, sensitive, fun personality that endears him to his family in Connecticut. This photo was taken last summer when he was making new friends at a creative camp for bereaved children.

Lily came to rescue with a list of physical problems. Lots of love and skill have made her feel much better! She's enjoying her family in New Hampshire.

Andy loves his busy social life with children, teens, and adults who make him part of all their family events in New York state.
Who gets a great home next? soon to come
Andy loves his busy social life with children, teens, and adults who make him part of all their family events in New York state.